Monday, 16 December 2013

Running for President...

The day of Student Council Elections had arrived. My 10yr old daughter was running with her two friends for election. They had been permitted to pick their own teams and at least 15 out of a class of 25 had decided to run.
We had spent the previous 2 weeks rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing- when not at football practise that is! Robyn was running for President - I didn't know how I was supposed to feel about being the President's mum but 1 did know that I knew their speech off by heart and could probably run for them if they got stage fright or forgot their words! Joah was running for Vice President(S.A), and Chema (TZ),for Secretary. They made a good team.

Chema, Robyn (with Minion) and Joah
 Every one of the 15 candidates had a good team. Here was a great class stepping up to their responsibilities as 5th Graders with all the drive and ownership only this class could possibly muster!

Robyn with her classmates, all 5 teams, running for Primary Student Council 

Competition was tough as each of the teams were excellent and would have done a great job!  I have to say though the 'Minions' were the best presentation (ok maybe I'm a little biased), and certainly the most entertaining with the best costumes!!

It all started with the 'Minion' Song. . .

Then some policies . . .

A Reminder of who to vote for . . .

And 'Shine Jesus Shine' - Minion Style to finish!

Definitely a proud mummy moment! 
After a week campaigning and a day to talk to voters the 'Fab Fifteen', as they became known, had run an excellent race.

We had to wait until after the weekend to hear the results.....

But it was with great relief to find out that all the hard work had paid off - Robyn and The Minions were now Primary Student Council Representatives!!! Yay!!

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